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Why is CRM Software needed in today's Business

Many of us have heard the term CRM at more than one occasion, heard of the pros and cons of it, heard of numerous versions of it. But what exactly is it ?
In simple terms it would be the implementation of Information Technology to better manage your customers, contacts, vendors, have real time information about their relationship with the company. It helps in the better marketing of your products to each customers, understand their needs in a better manner and above all satisfy their needs and have a better relationship with them. Good relationship with a customer, contact, vendor always means one thing. You are one step ahead of your completion. Technology should be used in such a way to complement your business and not just as a way to store information. Retaining existing customers and gaining new customers are important to every business. The cost of gaining a new customer is so much more than keep the existing one so it is every so valuable to keep the existing customers happy and satisfied at all times. CRM helps companies get an insight into their Sales Activities, Customer Support Activities, the frequency of their transactions and their requirements. It is possible to identify the customers with whom you need to spend time and effort. Cumulus CRM offers a solution which can tailored to your requirements. It is possible to access it from anywhere and in today's world on your smart phones, tablets and of course the old warrior the PC. It can be customised and roles defined perfectly for each user. It helps the users access information at the click of a button and graphs and drill down features offers you information in the simplest possible manner. Cumulus CRM avoids duplication of tasks, provides user friendly and intuitive features, and a quick ROI. It is scalable and functions with very little user training. In general it improves efficiency mani fold and keeps your customers satisfied and thus retaining them.

Generate More Leads

You can turn information into leads by understanding conversations and uncovering needs that you can fill.

Qualify Prospects Faster

To quickly evaluate contacts and leads and uncover needs or issues you can sell into. Stop wasting time where you have no chance of success.

Close More Deals

Because you actively manage the sales process and have unique insight into customer needs, your sales team will increase its success at closing more deals.

Higher Average Invoice/Deal Size

Getting more money every time you sell. Through customer and product / service insight your business will be in the unique position of being able to more effectively cross and up sell your products / services.

Margin Preservation

Every Quotation / Order can be monitored for detailed review and the management is in a unique position to solidly select pricing conditions, making sure margins are intact for every sale.

Improved Customer Service

Having the right relationships, processes, and capabilities ensure that you can capture and resolve small issues before they become big ones.

Tighter Customer Loyalty

Through closer relationships, better customer service, and anticipating needs, your customers will choose to do more business with you, more often.

Higher Average Invoice / Deal Size

Getting more money every time you sell. Through customer evaluation and product / service insight, your business will be in the unique position of being able to more effectively watch and tune every order in the book.


This is what really counts, more profit to your business. The business becomes more 'intelligent' when it comes to the most important and expensive drivers – sales, marketing, and customer management. Get in control of all three, driving new levels of profit to your business.