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Financial, Media, Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals etc. this is just the beginning of the list. Cumulus CRM is used successfully in diverse industries.


Success of small to medium-sized enterprises rely heavily on - Knowing, Understanding and Predicting what your customers want - and will want in the future - And CRM is the key. Now, any business, small or big, is highly depended on its customers. If you are a very small organization, you know what your customers need personally, bec]ause of the small number of customer you deal with every day. Social media provides a powerful opportunity to better listen, engage with, and delight clients and intermediaries. The results: higher-value services and a fiercely loyal client base.


Our CRM solution for media provides comprehensive relationship management for media companies to boost revenues by streamlining processes, on a powerful technology platform that helps build richer relationships to retain, grow and acquire new accounts. Cumulus CRM provides complete account management with insights into the sales pipeline and incorporates conclusions to take corrective measures for maximizing revenues. It also helps in monitoring inventory commitments and integrates with media core systems like Traffic and Finance for last mile updates.
Clients: Sage Publishing Group


Our CRM solution for manufacturing manages business opportunities, quotes, point-of- sale, claims, pricing, inventory, advance reporting and more. It maximizes collaborations with stakeholders and customers to optimize your products and services ensuring success. Cumulus CRM for manufacturing helps industries to attract, engage and retain profitable customers. It also successfully acquires and nourishes profitable partners with better inventory management and improved productivity.
Clients: Nejoum Asia, Norden Communications, Topnet


Cumulus CRM for the automotive industry manages campaigns, dealers, accounts, quotes, offers, opportunities, contracts, advance reporting and more. Cumulus optimizes the performance of dealerships by improving collaborations and providing clear pipeline visibility. It helps customer facing teams by facilitating better cross-selling and up-selling opportunities through tutorials and alerts. Our automotive CRM helps monitoring dealerships to increase lead conversions, improve customer service, maximize customer retention and enhance predictive analysis. Cumulus optimizes campaign management to generate more leads and quantifies related opportunities to facilitate effectively analyzing ROI and redesigning marketing strategies.


Cumulus CRM helps to improve customer-centricity and boost ROI by integrating multiple systems to create a single interface for all customer related information. Retailers can also gain from CRM nexts reporting and analytics by spotting bottlenecks and taking corrective action in advance. CRM in Retail makes continuous customer engagement easy to achieve through multiple sales, services, marketing, product, loyalty and training management options. It also helps to create a single interface to view real-time customer data and manage in-store, online and outdoor activities.


Our CRM solution for Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences business is comprehensive and helps companies in optimizing their relationships with physicians, chemists, hospitals and other healthcare societies. Our management enables effectively building relationships with potential to optimize collaborations and ensure real-time information is available to all relevant roles. Our CRM solution for pharmaceuticals and life sciences business provides a fresh way to look at simulating and managing growth. It brings to pharmaceuticals and life sciences best practices in one comprehensive offering.


Our CRM solution for local governments improves the quality, speed and convenience of services for their citizens with limited funds. Across the globe officials are looking for better and more efficient ways to meet expectations and avoid criticism through cost- effective and sustainable strategies. Cumulus ensures progressive growth and optimization of services through consolidated multi-system information. With a flexible and complete integration interface, it helps in collating business information from different systems, hence enabling easy analysis on various parameters. As a whole, the solution helps in integrating information, processes and technology to collaborate and deliver financial, social and political benefits.


Cumulus CRM enables construction companies to automate many manual processes and track all building projects by location, type and sector. The ability to manage the sales process, track pipeline activity, job progress, whilst seamlessly managing relationships between architects, engineers, contractors and construction suppliers, saves time and improves customer experience. With Cumulus CRM , great savings can be made on IT infrastructure and maintenance costs as well as on implementation time. Cumulus CRM helps to increase project management ability and stay in contact with head office whilst out estimating by updating their CRM system in real-time Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop etc.
Client: Vinpro Associates

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