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  • Is Cumulus CRM a Cloud based software?
  • Who Can Use Cumulus CRM ?
    Any organization with a desire to have their relationship with their clients as priority will be apt for Cumulus CRM. Any business vertical , any browser, any operating system would support Cumulus CRM
  • Since The Application Runs On Internet, Is My Data Safe ?
    The data which is being entered in to the Cumulus CRM is 99.9% safe. By taking care of the industry concerns, Cumulus CRM has been structured in such a way that, each organization will have their own databases, which will make it safer than Multi tenancy architecture.
  • Which all devices support Cumulus CRM Software?
    Almost all the latest devices like mobile's, tab's, PC, smart television etc
  • Do I Need To Install Any Software On My Computer To Use Cumulus CRM ?
    No. You don't have to install anything in your computer. Cumulus CRM software can be securely accessed through web browser from any computer with an internet connection and a Browser.
  • How Customizable Is Cumulus CRM ?
    Cumulus CRM is built on technology which gives lot of scalability to customize the product as per the varying business needs of the organization.
  • What is the screen size supported by Cumulus CRM?
    Almost all the latest screen sizes supported by Desktops, Tab, Notebook, Mobile's, Televisions' etc ranging from 1920 * 1200 to 320 * 568 support usage of Cumulus CRM Software.